Toyota Achieves Historic Sales Milestone, Surpassing 10 Million Vehicles Sold in Fiscal Year

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Toyota Reaches New Sales Record Reaching 10 Million Vehicles In A Fiscal Year

Toyota achieved a significant milestone in the past fiscal year by surpassing the 10 million mark in car sales for the first time ever, including both Toyota and Lexus vehicles. The total count for the fiscal year exceeded 10.3 million, marking a notable achievement for the automaker. This milestone reflects steady growth in sales, particularly evident in the 7.3 percent increase compared to the previous fiscal year.

The growth trajectory extends beyond the overall sales figures, with Europe notably experiencing a substantial uptick of 10.8 percent. This growth contrasts with previous years where sales hovered around the 9 million mark, except for the pandemic-affected year of 2020. Toyota’s first foray beyond the 9 million milestone occurred in 2014, signifying a sustained upward trend.

Toyota (Credits: Arab News)

An additional noteworthy aspect of Toyota’s recent success is the surge in international sales, with nearly 8.78 million cars from the group sold outside Japan. This figure marks a significant increase compared to previous years, reflecting Toyota’s expanding global presence. Notably, the Asian market, led by China, remains pivotal for Toyota, while the United States emerges as the top individual country for sales.

The United States, in particular, stands out as a key market for Toyota, with over 2.34 million cars sold in the country alone last year. This robust performance underscores Toyota’s strong foothold in the American automotive landscape. Toyota’s record-breaking sales signify not only a milestone achievement for the company but also its enduring relevance and appeal in diverse global markets.


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