Ford Temporarily Changing Ranger Delivery Options

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Ford Temporarily Revising The Ranger’s Delivery Range

Ford is making temporary changes to the Ranger lineup, discontinuing two versions and leaving only the sporty Raptor and adventurous Wildtrak models available. While these remaining options will become more expensive, they also offer additional features and upgrades. Previously, the Ford Ranger came in XL, XLT, Wildtrak, and Raptor variants, with different engine options including diesel and petrol.

The Raptor variant, equipped with a powerful 292 hp 3.0 Ecoboost V6 engine paired with a ten-speed automatic transmission, is now the only option for those seeking high performance. However, it comes with a significant price increase of over €6,500, now priced at €63,825 excluding VAT and BPM. Additional standard features like the Raptor Pack and Sticker Package are included, with limited color choices, notably always painted Conquer Gray.

Ford Temporarily Changing Ranger Delivery Options

The Wildtrak variant, available with a 205-hp EcoBlue diesel engine and the same ten-speed automatic transmission, now offers enhanced value but at a higher price point. The Super Cab version sees a €2,805 increase, priced at €45,515, while the Extended Double Cab version becomes €13,500 more expensive, now costing €57,860. Standard features include the Power Pack and Technology Pack Plus Trailer for the Extended Double Cab or Technology Pack Advanced Trailer for the Super Cab.

These changes raise the question of why the XL and XLT versions are being discontinued. The decision is influenced by upcoming regulatory changes, particularly the elimination of the BPM exemption for vans with combustion engines starting January 1, 2025. The current available variations are either stock models or those already in the construction process, unaffected by the impending regulations and thus ensuring delivery within the year.

Ford’s temporary revision of the Ranger lineup sees the discontinuation of two versions, leaving only the Raptor and Wildtrak models available. Despite the increased prices, these remaining options offer added features and are unaffected by upcoming regulatory changes. The decision reflects a strategic response to evolving market conditions and regulatory requirements, ensuring continued availability of the Ranger while maintaining compliance with future legislation.



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