Nollywood’s Jigan Baba Oja Interested in Lucid Air: Exploring the $70,000 Luxury Electric Car

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Actor Jigan Baba Oja Checks Out Lucid Air In U.S, Hopes To Buy The $70,000 Ultra-luxury Electric Sedan

Nollywood actor Jigan Baba Oja, also known as Abimbola Kazeem, has shown interest in purchasing the Lucid Air, an ultra-luxury electric sedan priced at $70,000, during his tour of the United States. In a video shared by the actor, he was observed inspecting the sedan’s cabin from the front passenger seat.

The Lucid Air is available in four trims: Pure, Touring, Grand Touring, and the flagship Sapphire, which starts at a considerably higher price of $249,000. One of its remarkable features is its claim to be the “fastest-charging electric vehicle ever offered,” boasting a recuperation of 200 miles of range after just 12 to 17 minutes of charging.

The Pure model of the Lucid Air starts at $69,900 and offers a 410-mile range, while the Grand Touring model, priced at $109,900, boasts a maximum claimed range of 516 miles. The flagship Sapphire, with its hefty starting price, promises a luxurious driving experience coupled with an impressive range of 427 miles.

Lucid Air
Lucid Air (Credits: Autojosh)

Jigan Baba Oja’s interest in Lucid Air suggests a potential shift towards embracing electric vehicles, showcasing a growing trend of individuals considering environmentally friendly transportation options. His public exploration of the sedan’s features indicates a broader cultural fascination with innovative automotive technologies, particularly within the entertainment industry.

The actor’s social media post about the Lucid Air sparked discussions about the feasibility of purchasing the vehicle and even led to playful suggestions of pooling resources among followers to acquire it. This interaction highlights the aspirational aspect associated with luxury automobiles and the influence of social media in shaping consumer preferences and behaviors.

Jigan Baba Oja’s encounter with the Lucid Air reflects the growing prominence of electric vehicles in the automotive market, as well as the allure of cutting-edge technology and luxury in contemporary transportation choices.


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