Dino Melaye Set to Add Tesla Model 3 to His Growing N5 Billion Car Collection

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Dino Melaye Inspects Tesla Model 3, Set To Add All-electric Sedan To His Car Collection Worth N5 Billion

Dino Melaye, a former Kogi Senator known for his extravagant lifestyle, is poised to enhance his remarkable car collection by acquiring a Tesla Model 3. The pre-sale examination of this electric mid-size sedan took place at his lavish residence in Abuja, an event documented in a video disseminated by Manga Automobiles, a renowned auto dealership based in Abuja.

The footage revealed a Rolls-Royce Phantom 7 among the vehicles on display, providing a peek into the opulence of Dino’s carport, where an assortment of luxury cars is housed.

The imminent acquisition of the Tesla Model 3 by Dino Melaye comes amidst a backdrop of fuel scarcity, with long queues of gas-powered vehicles forming at filling stations across the country.

This move signifies a shift towards eco-friendly transportation solutions, as the Tesla Model 3 offers an alternative to traditional gas-powered cars. With its battery-powered technology, the Model 3 boasts impressive mileage ranges across its various trim levels, catering to both practicality and performance preferences.

Dino Melaye Set to Add Tesla Model 3 to His Growing N5 Billion Car Collection
Dino Melaye Set to Add Tesla Model 3 to His Growing N5 Billion Car Collection (Credits: Autojosh)

The Tesla Model 3, available in three distinct trims, offers versatility to suit different driving needs. From the base rear-wheel-drive model with a claimed range of 272 miles to the Long Range model boasting an estimated range of 341 miles, and the high-performance Model 3 Performance offering 296 miles per charge, Dino Melaye has options that align with his preferences and lifestyle.

This demonstrates his discerning taste in selecting vehicles that not only reflect his status but also incorporate innovative technology and sustainability.

Dino Melaye’s interest in the Tesla Model 3 underscores a growing trend towards electric vehicles (EVs) globally, as individuals and governments prioritize environmental conservation and reduce carbon emissions.

By embracing electric mobility, Dino positions himself at the forefront of this movement, showcasing a commitment to embracing sustainable practices in his lifestyle choices. Furthermore, his endorsement of EVs through high-profile acquisitions like the Tesla Model 3 serves as a form of advocacy, promoting awareness and adoption of green technologies within his sphere of influence.

Dino Melaye’s inspection of the Tesla Model 3 marks a notable addition to his illustrious car collection, valued at over N5 billion. This acquisition not only adds to the diversity of his fleet but also symbolizes a shift towards eco-conscious transportation solutions amidst prevailing fuel scarcity challenges.

With the Tesla Model 3’s innovative features and impressive performance, Dino reaffirms his status as a connoisseur of luxury automobiles while embracing the emerging trend towards sustainable mobility.

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