Gas Stations? Who Needs Them? Shenzhen Leads the Charge with EV Stations

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charging station in shenzhen (Credits: Upstream Online)

Shenzhen, a major city in China, is now leading the way in charging infrastructure. They’ve reached a milestone: there are more fast-charging stations for electric cars than gas stations in the entire city!

This is a big deal because China is the world’s biggest market for both cars and electric vehicles (EVs). The city of Shenzhen has over 362 supercharging stations, which is more than the number of gas stations they have. This is helping to support the growing number of EVs in the city, which is now over 60% of all cars on the road!

The Chinese government has been investing heavily in EVs, and Shenzhen is a prime example of their success. They’ve built giant charging stations, like the one at the airport that has hundreds of charging points. This makes it super convenient for EV drivers to top up their batteries.

Shenzhen’s one of the largest EV charging stations

One of the biggest EV companies, BYD, is based in Shenzhen. The government has given them billions of dollars in support, which has helped them grow quickly. This has also led to a boom in the need for charging stations, and China is working hard to keep up.

Tesla also has a big network of charging stations in China, but there have been some recent worries. Tesla laid off a lot of employees who worked on their charging stations, and some people are concerned that this might affect the quality and reliability of the stations.

If Tesla slows down the building of new stations, other companies are ready to step in. Tech giant Huawei has started making its own super-fast chargers, and other companies like Xpeng, Nio, and Electrly are all getting involved in the charging game too. This means that EV drivers in China will have plenty of options to keep their cars charged up!

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