Ford Shifts to All-Electric Cars in Europe by 2030

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In a significant shift from its previous stance, Ford has announced its intention to exclusively sell purely electric cars in Europe by 2030. This move aligns with the European Union’s directive that all new cars must be emission-free by 2035. Notably, Ford, along with other major automakers, had initially aimed for an all-electric future five years earlier than the EU mandate, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

However, recent statements from Ford indicate a potential deviation from this strict electric-only strategy. During the Financial Times Future of the Car Summit, Martin Sander, Ford of Europe boss, suggested that exceptions may be made based on market demand.

Ford to sell only electric cars in Europe by 2030.
Ford will sell only electric cars in Europe by 2030.

Specifically, if there is a strong demand for plug-in hybrids, Ford would be willing to offer them alongside purely electric vehicles. This signals a recognition that the anticipated demand for electric cars has not materialized as expected, prompting a reassessment of Ford’s electrification goals.

Despite this flexibility, Ford remains actively engaged in electrification efforts. The company has already phased out many traditionally powered models and is moving forward with electric vehicle production.

The electric Explorer, based on Volkswagen’s MEB platform, is set to begin production in Cologne, with plans for additional models on the same platform. However, Ford intends to eventually transition to electric vehicles developed entirely in-house, indicating a long-term commitment to electric mobility.


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