Kia Theft Threat: Battling the Viral Kia Boys Method

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Kia Theft Threat
Kia Theft Threat

Vehicle security is still seriously threatened by the Kia Boys theft tactic, a viral phenomena that targets Kia and Hyundai automobiles in the US. Hyundai and Kia tried to reduce the vulnerability with anti-theft software, but a lot of owners are unconcerned about it, making their cars vulnerable to theft.

In response to the growing concern, Kia organized a software update clinic in Broomfield, Colorado, at the Flatiron Crossing Mall, offering customers the opportunity to patch their vehicles in just 30 minutes. Despite the convenience of the updated clinic, some owners have yet to take action, underestimating the severity of the threat posed by the Kia Boys theft method.

Kia Theft Threat
Kia Theft Threat

The Kia Boys theft method gained notoriety on TikTok, where teenagers discovered a vulnerability in certain Kia and Hyundai models that allowed them to start the engine using a USB cable. Despite efforts to patch the vulnerability, thieves continue to target unpatched vehicles, often resorting to breaking windows and forcibly starting the engine.

While Kia and Hyundai urge owners to install the security update promptly, some customers have reported instances of theft even after patching their vehicles. Thieves, undeterred by the updates, employ various methods to bypass security measures, underscoring the need for comprehensive security solutions.

As the Kia Boys theft method persists, Kia and Hyundai emphasize the importance of installing the anti-theft update and providing information about upcoming software clinics on their websites. Additionally, owners are advised to implement additional security measures, such as steering wheel locks, to mitigate the risk of theft.


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