BMW Announces a Slew of New Models This Year

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BMW Announces a Slew of New Models This Year
BMW Group CEO Oliver Zipse

BMW had its big meeting with its investors and said it’s going to bring out 14 new cars and different versions of those cars in the next year. After that, in 2025 and 2026, it’ll introduce the Neue Klasse and Neue Klasse X. These new cars are a big deal because they show where BMW is going with electric cars, using computers, and taking care of the environment.

The main thing about these new cars is they’re going to have cool technology. Some will run on electricity, some will be hybrids, and some might even use hydrogen. Even though they have different engines, they’ll all have new features that make them special. BMW wants to keep a similar look for all its cars and make sure they all have great technology inside.

BMW Announces a Slew of New Models This Year
BMW Group CEO Oliver Zipse

The boss of BMW, Oliver Zipse, didn’t talk about all the new cars they’re making, but he did talk about some important ones. One of the biggest ones is the new 5 Series and 5 Series Touring. They’re going to start selling them this summer. BMW thinks people in Europe will really like the hybrid versions of these cars. They also talked about the M5 Touring, which will be a hybrid too. In the US, they’re bringing out a new X3, which will be a hybrid in other countries but not in the US right away.

BMW is investing in making these new cars in different places around the world, like Hungary, Mexico, and China. They think it’s important to build cars where they’re going to be sold. This is especially important now because the US government is putting big taxes on cars made in China. BMW also wants to be ready in case something happens with the supply chain, like what happened during the pandemic. They’re trying to make sure they can keep making cars no matter what.


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