Robo-Ride Rivals? Baidu Might Use Tesla’s Self-Driving Tech

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ROBO-01, a "robot" concept car by Baidu's electric vehicle

Chinese tech giant Baidu is looking to team up with Tesla on self-driving cars! Baidu, sometimes called the “Google of China,” is thinking about using Tesla’s technology for its own robotaxis.

This might seem surprising since Baidu already has its own self-driving program. They just released a new, cheaper version of their robotaxi. But Baidu seems open to working with Tesla anyway.

The Baidu Autonomous Cars

Here’s the twist: Baidu actually helps Tesla with its maps in China. So, they’re kind of already working together! This new deal could be a way for them to get even closer and combine their self-driving tech expertise.Baidu’s own robotaxi seems pretty impressive. It’s priced at $28,000 and is packed with high-tech features. So, why would they want to work with Tesla?

There are a couple of possibilities. Maybe Baidu is interested in Tesla’s self-driving software or the design of their cars. Tesla might be willing to lease out this technology to Baidu.

Only time will tell if this partnership actually happens.


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