Suzuki SXbox Remains Unmatched by Any Production Car

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Suzuki SXbox Remains Unmatched by Any Production Car
Suzuki SXbox (Credits: Suzuki)

Suzuki used to make not only motorcycles but also some cool cars. They tried different things like the Kizashi sport sedan and even the cheapest car in America with a navigation system. In 2007, Suzuki came up with a really cool idea called the SXbox Concept.

Suzuki wanted to attract younger buyers in 2007. They introduced six concept cars called the “Live” series. Each was based on a different Suzuki model and was inspired by different lifestyles. For example, one called the Flix Concept was based on the XL7 and had a movie theater inside. Among these was the SXbox Concept.

The SXbox Concept was based on the SX4 hatchback. It was customized by the American Sunroof Corporation in California. This concept was made for gamers. It looked like a sporty tuner car from the outside with lowered suspension, green wheels, and a special exhaust. But the real fun was inside.

Inside, everything was about the Xbox 360 gaming console. The dashboard was like a giant Xbox 360. The steering wheel even had a built-in Xbox controller, and there was a second controller behind the gearshift. Instead of a radio, there was a full Xbox 360 console.

Suzuki SXbox Remains Unmatched by Any Production Car
Suzuki SXbox (Credits: Suzuki)

But where do you play games in a car? Backseat passengers had their own Xbox 360 consoles with two flip-down screens on the roof. But the front passengers had something even cooler.

The mechanics at ASC did something amazing with the hood of the car. They made it open forward like a clamshell and installed a projector. This let the front passengers play Xbox using the hood as a screen. It was a brilliant idea, but you definitely couldn’t play while driving. For tailgating, there was another big screen in the rear hatch.

Sadly, this was just a concept. Suzuki didn’t plan to make it for real. They showed it off at car shows in 2007, but after that, it probably ended up in storage somewhere.


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