Going Green and Going Wild: Mitsubishi’s Electrified SUVs Hit the US

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Mitsubishi is making a comeback in the US with a brand new plan called “Momentum 2030”! This plan involves releasing new cars every year between 2026 and 2030, with a focus on electric and hybrid vehicles. They also want to increase the number of Mitsubishi dealerships and give them a modern makeover.

The CEO of Mitsubishi Motors North America is excited about this plan, saying it’s a “bold” and “clear” path to success in the US.

Mitsubishi Going Electric By 2035

One of the new vehicles coming to the US is based on the D:X concept car they showed off last year. Imagine a big, off-road van with plug-in hybrid power – that’s the idea! They also hinted at two more off-road-looking vehicles coming by 2030.

In the meantime, Mitsubishi will release a tougher-looking version of their Outlander SUV in 2025. They’re also replacing their Mirage with a small plug-in hybrid crossover.

Mitsubishi used to be a leader in electric cars with their i-MiEV, but they haven’t offered an electric car in the US since 2017. They currently only sell a tiny electric car in Japan that’s not meant for long trips. There’s no word yet on when they’ll bring a new electric car to the US.

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