Tesla Takeover? Elon Musk Pushes for More Control

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Elon Musk is back in the news, this time fighting for more control over Tesla. He wants a quarter of the company’s voting power, which would give him a lot of say in how things are run.

This fight comes after Musk sold a bunch of Tesla stock to buy Twitter. Now, he says he needs more control at Tesla to develop artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics technology for the company. He even suggests he might leave Tesla to work on AI and robots elsewhere if he doesn’t get his way. This could hurt Tesla’s stock price since investors see it as a tech company, not just a car company.

Musk has been hinting at wanting more power for a while now. Tesla’s recent shift towards self-driving cars seems to be part of his plan for the company’s future. In the end, it seems like Musk is giving Tesla a choice: give him more control or he’ll take his AI and robotics ideas elsewhere.

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But there’s more to this story than just Musk wanting more control. His request seems to be a way to pressure shareholders into approving his big pay package, which was already rejected by a court.

This whole situation is confusing because Musk himself says that artificial intelligence and robotics are crucial for Tesla’s future. Yet, he’s acting like he might leave the company if he doesn’t get more control over these areas. This uncertainty is making investors nervous about Tesla’s future and Musk’s leadership.

Some shareholders are not happy with how Musk is running things. They think he’s focusing too much on other projects, like Twitter, and not enough on Tesla. They’re urging other shareholders to vote against his pay package again.

One big investor, who used to be a big Musk fan, even said he’ll vote against the pay plan. He’s frustrated with how Tesla is being managed.

So, is this all a play to get shareholders to approve Musk’s pay? Or is Musk really thinking about leaving Tesla? We’ll find out in June when the shareholders have their say.

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