NHTSA Investigates: Questions Raised About Deadly VinFast Crash

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80 Percent Of Vinfast Vehicles Sold Remain Internal

Vietnamese electric car company VinFast is in hot water. They’ve been getting bad reviews about their new electric SUV, the VF8, for its quality and software problems. But things got much worse after a terrible accident.

A family of four died in a fiery crash in California while driving a loaned VF8. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is now investigating the crash. The person who loaned the car says it had a problem where it would steer right on its own sometimes, but they were able to control it.

VinFast Expands US Presence with 12 New Dealerships
VinFast EV Car

Investigators are looking into everything that happened leading up to the crash. They’re also looking at other complaints about the VF8. Some people have reported that the car’s safety features, like those that help avoid crashes, don’t work properly.


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