VW ID.4 Owners Beware: Door Safety Issue Under Investigation

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Volkswagen's All Electric ID.4

There’s bad news for some Volkswagen ID.4 owners. The US safety agency is investigating a problem where doors can pop open while you’re driving! This is especially scary because it’s already happened to twelve people and these cars were supposed to be fixed from previous door handle issues.

Around 51,500 vehicles built between 2021 and 2023 might be affected. The problem seems to be connected to water getting into the door handles and messing with the electronics. This can trick the car into thinking the door needs to be open, even if nobody is touching the handle.

ID.4 | Volkswagen Newsroom
Volkswagen ID.4

Luckily, nobody has been hurt so far, but this could be a serious danger. The safety agency says the doors might open during sharp turns at slow speeds. To try and fix the problem, Volkswagen might just update the car’s software, instead of replacing the door handles again.

This isn’t the first time the ID.4 has had problems. Since it came out in 2021, it’s been recalled a bunch of times for different issues, including software problems and even parts that weren’t put together correctly. Sales haven’t exactly been booming either, and they’ve actually dropped a lot in the past year.

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