Frustrated Flyers: Airline Bosses Upset Over Plane Delays

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The logo of Airbus is pictured outside the Airbus facility in Saint-Nazaire, France, November 7, 2023. REUTERS/Stephane Mahe

Airline bosses are getting frustrated because they’re not getting new airplanes fast enough! This is because of the problems from the pandemic that messed up supply chains around the world.

Both Boeing and Airbus, the two biggest airplane companies, are struggling to keep up with their delivery schedules. This is especially bad for Boeing because they’re also under extra scrutiny from the US government after some safety issues.

Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury on Pioneering Sustainable Aerospace
The Airbus Company CEO – Guillaume Faury

Qatar Airways, a giant airline in the Middle East, is one of many that are feeling the pinch. They were hoping things would get better by now, but nope! Their CEO is not happy.

Another airline, Air Arabia, had a big plan to grow their fleet this year with new Airbus planes. But those plans are on hold now because of the delays. They’re going to have to lease some planes in the meantime to keep things going.

Ryanair, a big Boeing customer, might also have to wait longer for new planes. This is because Boeing has to slow down production to fix some problems they’ve had.

Even Lufthansa, a major German airline, is having trouble getting new Boeing planes. Their CEO is worried, but he still trusts Boeing’s airplanes. He says they have their own engineers watching over the planes while they’re being built to make sure everything is done right.

This is a big deal for many airlines, not just the ones mentioned here. Airline bosses around the world are having to change their plans because they can’t get the planes they need.

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