Morocco’s Auto Sector Ramps Up for EVs

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Morocco's Auto Sector Ramps Up for EVs
Morocco is getting ready to make electric cars now

The cars travel from northern Morocco to a port on the Mediterranean Sea. They’re stacked together on a train, but there are no passengers. The train goes three times a day, carrying hundreds of cars from a Renault factory in Tangiers to Europe.

Morocco’s car industry has grown a lot in the last few years. It’s now the biggest in Africa. The country sends more cars to Europe than China, India, or Japan. It can make up to 700,000 cars every year.

Morocco wants to keep being good at making cars. They’re getting ready to make electric cars now. But it’s not clear if they can keep up as more car companies start making electric cars and using more machines to build them.

Over 250 companies make cars or car parts in Morocco. Cars are a big part of the country’s money, making up 22% of what they sell to other countries. Renault, a French car company, makes a lot of cars in Morocco. They call it “Sandero-land” because they make almost all their small cars there.

The government in Morocco helps car companies build new factories quickly. They also offer money to car companies that want to build their factories far away from cities.

Morocco doesn’t have a big market for new cars inside the country. But making cars has still helped them a lot. It’s made lots of new jobs, which is important because lots of farm jobs are going away.

Morocco's Auto Sector Ramps Up for EVs
Morocco is getting ready to make electric cars now

Morocco is working hard to make more electric cars. They’re trying to get companies from all over the world to invest in making cars there. They’ve even made schools to teach people how to work in the car industry.

Renault, the company that makes cars in Morocco, thinks the country is a good place to make electric cars. They say Morocco is a safe place to invest money because it’s close to Europe and has lots of people who know how to make cars.

But it might get harder for Morocco to sell cars to Europe and America. Those places want to make their own electric cars. They’re giving people money to buy cars made there, which makes it harder for other countries to sell cars to them.


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