Skyjacker Defense System: Tackling Drone Threats with Innovative Technology

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Skyjacker Defense System
Skyjacker Defense System

Forget bulky, joystick-operated drones dominating future battlefields. The war in Ukraine showcases a new reality: agile, weaponized drones swarming enemy positions.

These flying cameras pack a punch, their maneuverability, and overwhelming numbers pose a serious challenge to traditional defenses.

Military forces are reacting swiftly. Makeshift solutions like reinforced vehicles and basic jamming aren’t enough.

But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. The defense industry is developing countermeasures, with a recent trade show offering a look into these innovative solutions.

Skyjacker Defense System
Skyjacker Defense System (Safran)

As the need to counter drone threats grows, a new defense system called Skyjacker is taking to the field.

Revealed in June 2024, Skyjacker tackles both single drones and coordinated swarms by disrupting their navigation.

The system works by mimicking the drone’s GPS signal, essentially hijacking its control and rerouting it away from its target. Effective at ranges between one and six miles, Skyjacker boasts a modular design for versatile deployment.

From portable units to integration with existing surveillance systems or even land and naval vehicle fire control, Skyjacker offers a customizable solution.

Following successful trials with the French military, Skyjacker faces a major real-world test at the upcoming Paris Olympics.

Working alongside the French Air and Space Force’s Bassalt system, Skyjacker will play a crucial role in safeguarding athletes, spectators, and the entire event.

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