Japan’s Innovative Coastal Travel: Regent Seagliders Set to Revolutionize

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Japan's Innovative Coastal Travel
Japan's Innovative Coastal Travel

Japan, a nation known for its extensive coastline and innovative spirit, is embracing a new mode of transportation: the Regent seaglider.

This electric-powered marvel is set to revolutionize travel across Japan’s waterways, offering passengers a clean, high-speed alternative to traditional options.

The Rhode Island-based company, Regent, has struck a strategic partnership with MOL Switch, the venture capital arm of Japanese shipping giant MOL.

This investment signifies Japan’s growing interest in Regent’s technology, which aligns perfectly with the country’s goals for sustainable and efficient coastal transportation.

Japan's Innovative Coastal Travel
Japan’s Innovative Coastal Travel (Regent)

Regent’s impressive list of Japanese investors, including Yamato Holdings and Japan Airlines, further underscores the potential of seagliders in the region.

Imagine zipping along the coast at 180 mph on an electric, zero-emission vehicle. REGENT’s seagliders, designed to disrupt the ferry industry, are on the horizon.

Their flagship, the Viceroy, comfortably seats 12 passengers and boasts a 180-mile range. This innovative craft seamlessly transforms between three modes: moving around docks like a traditional boat, using hydrofoils for lift-off, and gliding effortlessly across the water’s surface like an aircraft.

This unique design, facilitated by a blend of digital flight controls and familiar boat handling, ensures smooth integration with existing infrastructure.

With hundreds of units already pre-ordered by a diverse clientele, from European ferry companies to Hawaiian airlines, REGENT’s seagliders are poised to revolutionize coastal travel by offering a sustainable and speedy alternative.


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