Uber is in big trouble!

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The Cab service company “Uber” is hitting the headlines for playing a dirty game to pressure the politicians. The company’s officials feel that violence guarantees success and can be worth it. On 10th July 2022, a newspaper company leaked some official documents from Uber. These documents had conversations and different attempts to lobby different personalities.

This all started when the company was about to fall into the global market. Over the past few years, there has been news about the riders physically assaulting Uber drivers. While Uber wanted to expand, the assault matters were getting pretty serious. The rules and taxation imposed by the government came as a hit and hampered the growth and expansion of the company.

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Background of the story

It has been over five years since Uber drivers have faced physical attacks by riders worldwide. In 2016, riders attacked 15,000 drivers in Europe. These drivers were getting punched or beaten up by the riders. Several protests took place, making Uber the talk of the town. Uber took this opportunity to pressure the government to rewrite the laws preventing them from expanding. The Uber chief executive, Travis Kalanick, mentioned civil disobedience in his thread of messages.

He also stated something about Fifteen thousand drivers and fifty thousand riders, but the messages were unclear. Wanting to use the controversy to their benefit, Kalanick also said that the violence faced by their drivers was worth it so they could focus on expansion. All of this unclear information led to the outcome of Uber being the bad guy here.

Recent Reports

Uber leaks
CC: Times of Malta

In the latest reports, it was also found that over 124,000 Uber documents were leaked. According to the sources, these documents had secretly operated attempts. They also had leaked conversations with the co-founder Travis Kalanick. The documents focused on how the officials broke the laws and lobbied the government. When the police raided their protests, Uber used a kill-switch. This switch helped to terminate the protest so that the police couldn’t see the data. From these violent actions, Uber wanted to gain public sympathy. So, it could help them in relaxations of laws for their expansion. Eventually, it led to trouble for Uber.

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