Electric for Everyone: Nissan Micra EV Gets Ready to Hit the Road

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concept of the new nissan micra ev (Credits: Nissan)

Nissan is reviving the Micra, but this time with an electric twist! The all-new Micra EV will be announced as their latest low-cost electric car.

This isn’t entirely new news. Nissan has been hinting at an electric Micra successor for a while now. It was even part of a larger electric vehicle plan announced by the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance.  Remember that talk of a new common platform for affordable EVs a few years back? The Micra EV is part of that plan! Nissan will design the car, while Renault will handle the engineering and manufacturing using this cost-saving platform.

New Nissan Micra EV concept (Credits: Nissan)

This affordable electric Micra reflects Nissan’s broader strategy to boost EV sales. Their recent “Arc” business plan emphasizes significant cost reductions for next-generation electric vehicles through partnerships and technological advancements.

To support this EV push, Nissan is investing heavily (up to £3 billion) in building three new electric vehicles at their Sunderland factory. These include electric versions of popular models like the Juke, Qashqai, and even a successor to the Leaf. The Micra EV is expected to share a platform with the Renault 5, which boasts an impressive range of up to 249 miles on a single charge. This suggests the Micra EV might offer a similar range, making it a compelling option for everyday driving.

Concept of the new NIssan Micra (Credits: Nissan)

The all-new, budget-friendly Micra EV will be the first to launch in Nissan’s electric car lineup, arriving later this year. Expect a design refresh that follows the sleek lines of the Ariya, similar to what’s planned for the new Leaf.

Nissan is taking a big leap forward by starting construction of a pilot production line for their next-generation all-solid-state batteries. This technology has the potential to be more powerful, efficient, and affordable, making electric cars even more attractive in the future.

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