Perez Says Safety Car Ended Shot at Second Place in China F1 Race

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Perez: F1 safety car meant it was “game over” for second place in China

In the Shanghai Grand Prix, strategic maneuvers played a pivotal role in determining the race outcome. Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc and McLaren’s Lando Norris opted for a delayed first pitstop, allowing them to switch to a one-stop strategy following a mid-race safety car period triggered by Valtteri Bottas’ incident.

Meanwhile, Sergio Perez and his teammate Max Verstappen had already pitted under green flag conditions, forcing them into a second stop to switch to hard tires and complete the race distance. Verstappen’s impressive pace enabled him to maintain his lead, but Perez found himself behind Norris and Leclerc after his second stop.

Perez revealed that using his hard tires to overtake Leclerc depleted their performance, leaving him unable to close the gap to Norris, who finished comfortably ahead. The intense battle with Leclerc resulted in significant tire degradation for Perez, hindering his chances of challenging Norris towards the end of the race.

Perez Says Safety Car Ended Shot at Second Place in China F1 Race
Perez Says Safety Car Ended Shot at Second Place in China F1 Race

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner concurred with Perez, attributing the team’s missed opportunity for another one-two finish to the unfortunate timing of the safety car. The safety car period compelled Red Bull to switch to a similar strategy as their rivals, costing Perez valuable track position and ultimately affecting his ability to compete with Norris and Leclerc.

Horner suggested that Perez may have pushed too hard to pass Leclerc, degrading his tires excessively and leaving him without sufficient grip to mount a late challenge. Without the safety car intervention, Horner believed Red Bull could have secured a one-two finish, highlighting the strategic importance of timing in Formula 1 races.

Strategic decisions and the timing of the safety car significantly influenced the outcome of the Shanghai Grand Prix. While Verstappen maintained his lead, Perez’s battle with Leclerc compromised his tire performance, preventing him from challenging Norris for a higher position. Red Bull’s missed opportunity for a one-two finish underscored the fine margins and tactical complexities inherent in Formula 1 racing.

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