Understanding How Automakers and Michelin Create Special Tires for Cars

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Michelin tires
Michelen tires (Credits: Michelin )

Tires are super important for cars because they’re the only part that touches the ground. Automakers like Porsche and Mercedes-Benz work with tire companies like Michelin to make special tires just for their cars. These special tires are called “marked tires,” and they’re made to give the best performance possible.

Michelen tires (Credits: Michelin )
Michelen tires (Credits: Michelin )

What Makes Tires Special

Every car needs different tires because they’re all unique. Tires have different sizes, shapes, and materials. Some important things to consider about tires are:

  • Wheel diameter: How big the wheel is.
  • Section width: How wide the tire is.
  • Aspect ratio: The height of the tire’s sidewall.
  • Load index: How much weight the tire can carry.
  • Speed rating: How fast the tire can go without losing control.

How Tires Are Made

Tires have different patterns on the tread, which affects how they grip the road. Some tires are loud because of the way their tread is designed, while others are quiet. The rubber used in tires is a mix of different materials to make it strong and durable. Tires also have layers of steel inside to make them sturdy.

Creating Marked Tires with Michelin

Companies like Lucid work with Michelin to make special tires for their cars. Lucid’s high-performance sedan, the Air Sapphire, needed tires that could handle its power and weight. Michelin made a special tire called the Pilot Sport 4S just for the Air Sapphire. These tires have a special marking on the sidewall to show they’re made specifically for that car.

How Automakers and Michelin Work Together

Michelin and automakers talk about what the tires need to do and how much they should cost. Then, they work together to design and test the tires. They make sure the tires work well with the car’s performance and handling. Automakers test the tires to see how they feel when driving. They look at things like noise, comfort, and how the tires respond to steering.

While it’s great when people buy the exact same tires as the original ones on their cars, it doesn’t always happen. People might choose different tires based on price, availability, or other factors. Still, many people stick with the same brand of tires they’ve used before. Michelin is often a top choice for buyers, especially for luxury and performance cars.

Tires are a big deal for cars, and making special tires for specific cars is even more important for top performance. Automakers and tire companies like Michelin work closely to design and test tires that work perfectly with each car’s unique characteristics.

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