Rivian’s Hiccup, Aftermarket’s Win: New Storage Solution for R1T

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Rivian's R1T Truck

About a year ago, Rivian made a significant move by officially removing the Camp Kitchen and Tunnel Shuttle accessories from their online store. These accessories were initially designed to utilize the R1T’s gear tunnel, a storage area situated between the rear seats and the truck bed.

Despite being on hold for two years and undergoing redesigns, the removal of these accessories in 2023 signaled the end of their availability from Rivian. However, the aftermarket swiftly responded to this gap in offerings, with several third-party accessories emerging to fill the void, catering to storage and camping needs.

Rivian’s R1T Truck

One notable solution comes from EV Sportsline, which is introducing the RMAXX Gear Tunnel. This modular system offers customizable configurations to meet various needs. It features a sled-style design, allowing for the installation of different storage box options on either side of the gear tunnel.

The RMAXX Gear Tunnel offers versatility with options like an Open Top Sport/Camp/Gear Box, ideal for various purposes such as camping trips, carrying groceries, or storing equipment. Additionally, there are Single and Triple Drawer Chest options, both equipped with folding work surfaces for convenience at job sites or during camping.

For those inclined towards DIY, the “sled only” configuration allows users to create their own storage solutions. While the sled is currently available, the storage boxes are set to begin shipping in June.

With a load capacity of 250 lbs on each end, totaling 500 lbs, the RMAXX Gear Tunnel provides ample support. The drawers feature locking mechanisms for secure storage, both when stowed in the gear tunnel and when fully extended and in use.


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