SpaceX Launches in 2024: How Many Rockets Have They Flown?

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A spectacular light show takes place during the launch of a spacex rocket (Credits: Teslarati )

SpaceX is aiming to launch a record number of rockets this year – 148 to be exact! That’s even more than the 98 they launched in 2023. To achieve this goal, they’d need to launch a rocket about every other day.

So far, SpaceX is off to a great start! They’ve already launched 41 rockets in 2024. Here’s a breakdown:

Types of Rockets Launched:

  • Falcon 9: 40
  • Falcon Heavy: 0 (yet)
  • Starship: 1 (not included in success and launch rates)

Mission Types:

  • Starlink missions: 28 (delivering internet satellites)
  • Non-Starlink missions: 13 (carrying other payloads)

Success Rate: Both launches and landings have a perfect 100% success rate so far!

A photograph of the SpaceX’s Falcon heavy rocket (Credits: Teslarati)

Starship Takes Center Stage in 2024 for SpaceX

Starship, SpaceX’s massive rocket, finally launched in its complete form in 2023. This year, it’s going to be a major focus for SpaceX, with lots of test flights planned. For NASA’s Artemis program to land astronauts back on the Moon in 2026, Starship needs to be reliable and able to refuel in space. SpaceX has a lot of testing to do to prove Starship can do this.

If SpaceX can launch Starship often, they’ll gain valuable experience to make it a better rocket, both for commercial use and for NASA’s Artemis program.

The crew of the SpaceX’s missions to the ISS

More Human Spaceflights Possible in 2024

SpaceX had a record year for human spaceflights in 2023, but delays pushed some missions back. This year, they could launch up to five crewed missions. SpaceX is still on schedule for at least three missions carrying astronauts for NASA. Two private space missions are also planned for this year, including the first-ever private spacewalk! This could pave the way for even more private space tourism in the future.

It’s going to be a busy year for SpaceX, with Starship tests and lots of human spaceflights. We’ll have to see if they can meet their ambitious goals!

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