Private Space Race Update: Blue Origin’s Return & Historic Crew

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Private Space Race Update
Private Space Race Update

The space race is contested by three leading companies: SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, and Blue Origin. With the launch of the first all-civilian crew to space in 2021 under the leadership of Elon Musk, SpaceX marked an important milestone for human space exploration.

Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic has conducted six space missions, albeit with shorter durations compared to SpaceX. Utilizing a unique launch method involving a spacecraft released from a carrier plane, Virgin Galactic offers brief experiences of space travel.

Private Space Race Update
Private Space Race Update

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin follows a similar trajectory, with its New Shepard spacecraft launching conventionally from a pad. Despite facing setbacks such as the engine nozzle issue during the uncrewed NS-24 mission in 2022, Blue Origin persevered and is poised to resume crewed spaceflights with NS-25.

Scheduled for May 19, NS-25 will carry six individuals, including Ed Dwight, America’s first black astronaut candidate, among others. This mission signifies Blue Origin’s return to crewed spaceflight, marking a significant milestone in private space exploration.


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