Starlink Mini: Portable Satellite Internet Review 2024

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Starlink Mini
Starlink Mini

While Starlink’s traditional dish has brought reliable internet to remote locations, its bulky size limits its portability. This has created a need for a more travel-friendly option, especially for activities like hiking.

SpaceX has addressed this need with the development of the Starlink Mini dish, which has been revealed through recent FCC filings. The Mini boasts a significant size reduction compared to its predecessor.

Measuring in at a compact 29×25 cm (11.4×9.8 inches), roughly the size of a laptop, it can be easily stowed in a backpack.

Starlink Mini
Starlink Mini (@olegkutkov via X)

Additionally, the Starlink Mini integrates a Wi-Fi router, eliminating the need for a separate device and simplifying setup.

SpaceX’s new Starlink Mini promises internet access for adventurers and those in underserved locations. This scaled-down version of the original Starlink kit boasts significant advantages in portability and affordability.

Elon Musk himself revealed that the Starlink Mini will cost half as much as its predecessor, with a monthly subscription fee to match.

Despite its compact size, the Starlink Mini packs a punch, offering download speeds exceeding 100 Mbps and low latency suitable for streaming, browsing, and even casual gaming.

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