Tesla FSD Beta Pause: Crash Investigation Halts Deployment

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Tesla FSD Beta Pause Crash Investigation Halts Deployment

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta program encountered a significant setback following a vehicle crash during testing of the latest build. Subsequently, Tesla suspended the deployment of FSD Beta V12.2.1 until a thorough investigation of the collision circumstances was completed.

While previous builds showed promising progress, Tesla had not yet released FSD Beta V12 to a wider audience. Initial testing of FSD Beta V12.1 builds extended to non-employee vehicles earlier in the year, garnering positive feedback from users.

However, Tesla opted for a different approach with subsequent updates, distributing the latest FSD Beta iteration to a randomized group of vehicles, including some outside the Wave1 group comprising Tesla employees and enthusiasts.

Tesla FSD Beta Pause Crash Investigation Halts Deployment

Though Tesla’s rationale for this strategy remains unclear, it appears aimed at soliciting feedback from regular customers, expanding beyond those familiar with software development.

While beneficial in some respects, this approach presents challenges, as unsuspecting Tesla owners may encounter features they are unprepared to navigate or may exploit FSD Beta features for fleeting notoriety, potentially impacting all users in the event of an issue.

The latest iteration, FSD Beta V12.2.1, introduced with the 2024.30.20 software update on February 18, was expected to undergo a broader rollout within two weeks, pending successful testing.

However, reports of issues with auto-speed modulation surfaced, prompting Tesla to halt deployment. A vehicle involved in FSD Beta V12.2.1 testing was later involved in a crash in late February, necessitating an internal investigation and further delaying development.

While the exact circumstances of the crash remain undisclosed, rumors suggest it occurred during an attempt to utilize FSD for parking. However, specifics were not confirmed by Teslascope, as they were instructed not to disclose accident details.

Despite potential driver error, Tesla’s investigation categorizes the incident as an FSD crash, exemplifying how one owner’s actions can impact all users.

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