Google Maps Update: Bold ETA & Parking Features for Android Auto

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Google Maps Update Bold ETA & Parking Features for Android Auto

Apple has remained steadfast in its decision not to bring Apple Maps to Android. However, with the discontinuation of the Apple Car project, the company’s approach may evolve in the future. For now, Google Maps and Waze continue to dominate the navigation space on Android.

While alternatives like HERE and Sygic exist, Google Maps and Waze remain the top choices for Android users, with Google continuously refining the user experience for both platforms. A recent update to Google Maps on Android Auto introduces a subtle yet significant improvement to the ETA display.

Previously, the ETA on Google Maps within Android Auto lacked visual distinction, using the same font as the rest of the interface. However, Google has now made the ETA bold, aligning it with the mobile version of Google Maps.

Google Maps on Android Auto now supports saving parking locations, a feature previously available on Android devices but missing from Android Auto.

Further enhancements, such as a 3D building layer, are also being developed for Google Maps on Android Auto, demonstrating Google’s ongoing commitment to improving user navigation experiences across platforms.

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