Tesla’s FSD Beta V12.3: A Rollercoaster of Impressions

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Tesla has expanded the reach of its latest self-driving software iteration to a wider group of testers, triggering varied initial impressions shared on social media. While some hailed FSD Beta V12.3 as groundbreaking, others noted instances of rookie mistakes, sparking skepticism regarding Tesla’s assertions of achieving autonomous driving.

Elon Musk’s recurrent promises of self-driving cars over the past decade, coupled with his endorsement of each major FSD Beta software version as “mind-blowing,” have set high expectations. However, the reality has fallen short, with each year concluding without the software being production-ready.

Nonetheless, progress persists. With V11, Tesla’s FSD Beta incorporated neural networks to learn from vast video datasets of human driving. V12 marked a significant leap, eliminating legacy code to become end-to-end AI, with neural networks handling all tasks from image analysis to vehicle control.

Despite smoother controls and improved edge-case handling, FSD Beta V12.3’s performance varied among testers. While some lauded flawless drives, others reported glaring errors reminiscent of earlier versions. This inconsistency persisted even among the same testers, adding to the uncertainty surrounding the software’s reliability.

Tesla’s release of FSD Beta V12.3 to a broader beta testing pool elicited a mixed response. Initial testers shared impressions ranging from significant improvements to persistent flaws, underscoring the ongoing uncertainty surrounding Tesla’s autonomous driving ambitions.


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