Tesla Cybertruck Software Update: Enhancements & FSD Status

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The Cybertruck, while innovative, still trails behind other Tesla models in software capabilities, prompting ongoing efforts from Tesla to rectify this shortfall.

The recent 2024.8.4 software update marks a step towards aligning the Cybertruck’s features with its counterparts, introducing functionalities such as Auto Wipers, One-Time Charge Limit, and more. However, fundamental Autopilot and self-driving features available in other Tesla models remain conspicuously absent.

Tesla commenced Cybertruck deliveries last November, albeit falling short of the lofty expectations set in 2019. Feedback highlighted discrepancies in range, prolonged charging durations, and missing features, albeit offset by groundbreaking technologies unique to the Cybertruck. With myriad improvements yet to be made, Cybertruck’s software evolution lags behind its peers.

Featuring a steer-by-wire system and a 48-volt electrical system, the Cybertruck necessitates bespoke components, resulting in a divergent software infrastructure from other Tesla vehicles.

This necessitates a dedicated software team to develop, test, and validate Cybertruck’s software, contributing to its feature disparity. Nonetheless, Tesla remains committed to narrowing this gap.

In February, the Cybertruck received its maiden over-the-air update since delivery inception. The 2024.2.3 update notably enhanced ride quality and optimized charging based on DC fast-charging station capabilities, with subsequent updates further bridging feature discrepancies.

The latest 2024.8.4 update introduces Auto Wipers, One-Time Charge Limit, and tire mileage tracking, bringing the Cybertruck closer to parity with its counterparts.

Auto Wipers stand out as a pivotal addition, although efficacy remains untested compared to other Tesla models. Historically, Tesla’s Auto Wiper implementation garnered criticism for reliance on camera input over rain sensors, leading to erroneous activations or dormancy. Despite manual overrides, integration with Autopilot remains unaddressed.

This update also includes Cybertruck-specific features such as the Trailer Alarm and Bluetooth headphone compatibility for rear passengers, underscoring Tesla’s commitment to refining the Cybertruck experience. Notably, the absence of Full Self-Driving features complicates wiper control integration, highlighting ongoing software development challenges.

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