Rivian’s Revamped Experience: 2024.11 Software Update

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Rivian's Revamped Experience 2024.11 Software Update
Rivian's Revamped Experience 2024.11 Software Update

Rivian recently rolled out the 2024.11 software update to internal testers, heralding forthcoming enhancements to the charging experience, navigation, and rear infotainment functions for customer vehicles. Following the introduction of Tesla Supercharger support with the 2024.07.02 update, Rivian is diligently working on this feature-rich update for the R1 vehicles.

The beta phase commenced on March 29, promising numerous new features and improvements. Notably, the update aims to enhance the charging experience by assigning charging scores to stations, allowing Rivian owners to filter out stations with low scores.

Rivian's Revamped Experience 2024.11 Software Update
Rivian’s Revamped Experience 2024.11 Software Update (Credit: Rivian)

Moreover, the Navigation app will automatically consider these scores when planning trips, prioritizing stations with higher ratings. Additionally, users will be able to provide feedback on navigation, mapping, and charging issues directly through the software update.

Redesigned Rear Infotainment Interface

Significantly, the update introduces a redesigned interface for the rear infotainment display, granting rear passengers control over various vehicle functions. These include power outlet management, music playback control, and adjustment of connectivity settings.

While this expanded control may present challenges, such as children interfering with settings, the update offers a potential solution with the option to lock the rear display.

Furthermore, improvements to Pet Comfort temperature control and ride height adjustments aim to enhance the whole user experience, alongside bug fixes from previous updates. As Rivian prepares for the completion of the update expected by year-end 2024, customers eagerly anticipate these enhancements to their vehicles.


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