Boston Dynamics Moves On as ‘Atlas’ Takes Its Final Steps

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Boston Dynamics Moves On as 'Atlas' Takes Its Final Steps
Atlas Humanoid (Credits: Boston Dynamics)

Human-like machines called humanoids are super popular. But Boston Dynamics, a company owned by Hyundai, has decided to retire their humanoid robot. This might seem like a strange choice because a lot of money is being invested in this type of robot.

It seems like Boston Dynamics is making way for something new. They’ve been trying to make money from their technology for a while now. Since Hyundai took over in 2021 and named Rob Playter as CEO, they’ve been speeding up this process. With other companies like Agility, Figure, 1X, and Apptronik getting lots of attention, it’s likely that Boston Dynamics has been thinking about selling humanoids too.

Boston Dynamics was actually way ahead when it came to humanoid robots. Their robot, Atlas, was first shown off 10 years ago. It was developed with DARPA, a government agency. Atlas was used in various challenges back then.

According to DARPA, when Atlas first appeared, it was one of the most advanced humanoid robots ever made. But it was mostly just a body for the smart software that teams had created.

Boston Dynamics Moves On as 'Atlas' Takes Its Final Steps
Atlas Humanoid (Credits: Boston Dynamics)

The guy who managed the DARPA program said that compared to humans, Atlas was like a one-year-old baby. It could barely walk and often fell over. He reminded everyone that despite what you might see in movies, this was the reality of robots at the time.

Since then, Atlas has improved a lot. It’s been part of Boston Dynamics’ research and marketing. But now, Boston Dynamics has decided to retire Atlas. While it’s still impressive in how it moves, some parts of it, like its hydraulics, are outdated compared to newer robots.

What’s interesting is that just a couple of months ago, Boston Dynamics was showing off what Atlas could do. They even hinted at the possibility of selling it commercially. They released a video called “Atlas Struts,” showcasing its strength, vision, and ability to move around. They even showed off a new gripper designed for working in factories. Since Hyundai owns Boston Dynamics, it’s possible that a future version of Atlas could help build cars.

Instead of a retirement party, Boston Dynamics made a video showing Atlas’ best moments and some of its not-so-great falls. It’s a reminder of all the hard work that went into making those perfect videos.


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