Giving Old Wind Turbines a New Life! Tech Company Teams Up to Recycle Parts

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An inside view of a turbine (Credits: COU)

ReElement Technologies, a company that specializes in rare earth elements, has teamed up with EDP Renewables North America, a renewable energy supplier. Together, they’re working on a way to give old wind turbines a new life.

How? By recycling! They’re focusing on a specific part of wind turbines called neodymium-based permanent magnets. These magnets are crucial for wind turbine operation, but when turbines are eventually taken out of service, those magnets often end up in landfills. That’s not good for the environment.

A Turbine (Credits: Design talk)

This new partnership aims to change that. ReElement Technologies has developed a recycling process specifically for these magnets. They say their method is much safer than traditional recycling techniques used in other countries. The goal is to take these old magnets and turn them back into usable rare earth elements that can be used to create brand new clean energy equipment.

This creates a “circular supply chain” – the old parts get a second chance, and the need for new mining is reduced. This is a win-win for everyone! As Chris Moorman, a big shot at ReElement Technologies, said: “Our process…enables us to provide valuable solutions to supply chain challenges.” In other words, this new technology is good for the environment and good for keeping clean energy affordable.


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