Ready to Ride? New Merida E-Bikes Will Conquer Any Mountain

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MERIDA eONE-Forty (Credits: Merida)

E-MTBs are getting lighter and more powerful, making them perfect for riders of all levels. Merida, a popular bike company, is jumping on this trend with two new e-MTBs: the eOne-Sixty and the eOne-Forty.

The eOne-Sixty is built for tough trails. It has a strong aluminum frame, lots of suspension travel for bumpy rides, and a powerful Shimano motor for an extra boost. It comes with a big battery that can be upgraded for even longer adventures. Merida even offers a lighter carbon fiber version of this bike for those who prioritize weight.

MERIDA e-oneforty (Credits: Merida)

The eOne-Forty is a more practical option, ideal for everyday riding and errands. It’s like an SUV on two wheels! This bike is more affordable than the eOne-Sixty and has a shorter suspension travel for a smoother ride on pavement. It also has a big battery that can be upgraded and comes with extras like a luggage rack and lights.

So, whether you’re a hardcore mountain biker or a casual rider, Merida’s new e-MTBs have a bike for you.

The Merida eOne-Forty isn’t your typical mountain bike. Instead of being built just for rough trails, it’s designed to be more like an SUV on two wheels. This makes it perfect for everyday riding, errands, and even some light off-road adventures. This bike is easier on the wallet compared to its high-performance sibling, the eOne-Sixty.

MERIDA eONE-Forty (Credits: Merida)

It comes with a luggage rack and lights, making it useful for carrying groceries or commuting to work. The suspension is shorter than the eOne-Sixty, which means smoother rides on pavement. The eOne-Forty has a big battery that can be upgraded for even more riding time.

With a price tag starting at 4,699 euros, the eOne-Forty is a great option for riders who want a versatile e-MTB that can handle a variety of tasks. Whether you’re a cycling enthusiast or just looking for a fun way to get around, the eOne-Forty is a great choice.

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