This Electric Car Might Be the Fastest Ever Made!

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The MG EXE 181 with its parachute breaks deployed (Credits: Mg)

MG is showing off a new electric hypercar concept at the Auto China show this week, and it’s unlike anything you’ve seen before. The MG EXE181 cuts through the air with very little drag, thanks to its teardrop design. This drag coefficient of 0.181 is better than most cars on the road today.

The MG EXE181 can go from 0 to 62 mph in just 1.9 seconds, making it one of the quickest cars out there. While it might not be the absolute fastest (Tesla claims their new Roadster will be even quicker), it’s definitely a speed demon. The design is inspired by an old MG concept car from the 1950s, which supposedly had an even lower drag coefficient.

The MG EXE 181 (Credits: MG)

The inside is a single-seat cockpit with a racing harness, making it feel like a spaceship. MG isn’t giving away all the details, but they say the car will likely have all-wheel drive and over 1,000 horsepower! While this is a concept car, and a production version is unlikely, it shows that MG is thinking big about the future of electric cars.


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