Hydrogen Power for Trucks: A Big Step, But Are We Behind?

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Hydrogen cell fuel electric truck (Credits: Cummins)

Big rigs can now refuel with hydrogen thanks to the world’s first large-scale hydrogen fueling station, located near the Port of Oakland in California. This innovation comes from FirstElement Fuels, and they say their pumps can fill a truck’s tank in just 10 minutes.

The station is already getting some use, with a handful of Hyundai and Nikola hydrogen-powered trucks taking advantage of the quick fill-ups.

California seems to be a big believer in hydrogen for trucks. They provided most of the funding for this station and have plans to build as many as 60 more across the state, potentially serving thousands of clean-energy trucks and buses.

Hydrogen Cell Fuel Truck (Credits: Cummins)

However, not everyone is convinced that hydrogen is the future of trucking. Some experts believe battery-electric trucks are a better option because they’re simpler and more efficient.

There are also concerns about the environmental impact of hydrogen fuel. While FirstElement says their hydrogen is “green” because it’s made from a blend of natural gas and biogas, some people are skeptical.

But is hydrogen really a clean fuel option for trucks? Some people are starting to doubt it. In the past, manufacturers’ claims about hydrogen vehicles were rarely questioned. Now, however, there’s more critical scrutiny.

The UK gets it’s first hydrogen electric truck (Credits: Tevva)

For example, skepticism surrounds FirstElement’s claims about their hydrogen being “green.” They say their supplier makes hydrogen from natural gas, but they blend it with biogas (renewable natural gas) to make it seem more eco-friendly. But is this enough? Battery-electric truck supporters (who we can call “battery absolutists” here) aren’t convinced.

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