Electric Buses for Everyone: Volvo’s 8900 Goes Big

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Volvo 8900 Electric Bus Concept (Credits: Sustainable Bus)

Volvo Buses just announced the Volvo 8900 Electric, a brand-new electric bus designed for all kinds of routes. This bus is based on their successful Volvo 8900 bus, but instead of gas, it runs on electricity.

The Volvo 8900 Electric is designed for city streets, connecting suburbs to cities, and even longer trips between cities. No matter the distance, this bus can handle it with electric power. The new electric bus is built on a proven design, the Volvo BZR Electric chassis. This means it’s reliable and uses parts that are already familiar to mechanics.

A demonstation of how the new Volvo 8900 will be charged (Credits: Volvo)

The Volvo 8900 Electric can be customized with different battery sizes and one or two motors. This allows cities and bus companies to choose the right option for their needs. The bus comes in two sizes, with either two or three axles. The biggest version can seat up to 110 passengers!

The Volvo 8900 Electric is expected to hit the roads in Europe first, sometime in 2025.

According to Thomas Nylund, head of Volvo Buses Europe, this new electric bus is a natural next step. He says electric power makes sense for city buses, commuter buses, and even buses traveling between cities. The Volvo 8900 Electric is a big step towards cleaner and more sustainable transportation!


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