GM Energy Reveals V2H Solution: Powering Homes With Electric Vehicles

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GM Energy Reveals V2H Solution Powering Homes With Electric Vehicles
GM Energy Reveals V2H Solution Powering Homes With Electric Vehicles

GM Energy, a subsidiary of General Motors, is pioneering a Vehicle-to-Home (V2H) bidirectional charging system, showcasing its potential by disconnecting a home from the grid and powering it solely through an electric vehicle (EV).

While this scenario may not be common, it demonstrates the capability of GM’s EVs to provide backup power during outages. The system, akin to Ford’s offering for the F-150 Lightning, seamlessly switches a home’s power source from the grid to the EV when necessary, provided the vehicle is plugged in.

Initially available for the Chevy Silverado EV RST model, GM Energy plans to extend support to other models, including Chevrolet’s Equinox and Blazer EVs, the GMC Sierra EV Denali, and the Cadillac Lyriq in 2024. Notably, the GMC Hummer SUV and pickup, powered by Ultium-based EVs, are absent from the current lineup but may receive support through future software updates.

An Electric Chevrolet Silverado
An Electric Chevrolet Silverado

The V2H system comprises the GM Energy PowerShift Charger and the V2H Enablement Kit, which includes a power inverter, a home hub, and a dark start battery. These components can be flexibly installed indoors or outdoors, allowing customization based on individual home layouts and wiring configurations.

During normal operation, the dark start battery trickle charges, ready to provide power in case of an outage. When grid power fails, the battery activates, supplying low-voltage power to initiate the switch to EV-supplied electricity. The PowerShift charger reverses its function, feeding power to the inverter, which then distributes AC to the home circuits via the home hub.

GM Energy V2H Bundle
The GM Energy V2H Bundle

The system, installed in collaboration with Qmerit, offers the flexibility to choose between powering the entire house or specific circuits. With a capacity of up to 9.6 kW, it can sustain essential appliances and electronics in most homes. Additionally, the system operates quietly, emitting less than 50 dB of noise. Users can monitor the system via GM’s smartphone apps, tracking the EV’s state of charge, home power consumption, and estimated battery duration.

Safety measures are in place to prevent overloading the EV battery, with progressive shutdowns in case of excessive power demand. GM conducted rigorous testing, ensuring reliability in various home environments. By offering a V2H solution, GM Energy aims to enhance the utility of its EVs and provide homeowners with a reliable backup power source.


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