Tesla’s Loss, EnviroSpark’s Gain! EV Charging Company on Hiring Spree

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envirosparks electric charger

EnviroSpark, an Atlanta-based EV charging company, is gearing up for expansion thanks to a significant $50 million investment from Basalt Infrastructure Partners, a mid-market infrastructure equity investment firm. This infusion of capital will fuel EnviroSpark’s plans to grow its network of owned and operated EV charging stations across the United States, as well as drive innovation in technology to enhance the accessibility and sustainability of its EV infrastructure.

In a strategic move, EnviroSpark aims to recruit former members of the Tesla Supercharger team who were recently laid off. By tapping into this pool of talent, EnviroSpark hopes to leverage its expertise and experience to bolster its own team and accelerate its growth trajectory.

EnviroSpark’s Electric Charger

EnviroSpark’s ambitions extend beyond talent acquisition. The company has forged partnerships with the US federal government, notably through collaboration with the General Services Administration, to advance both commercial and government adoption of electric vehicles (EVs).

Additionally, EnviroSpark has secured National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) awards in states like Georgia and Tennessee, underscoring its commitment to expanding EV infrastructure nationwide.

With its sights set on expansion and innovation, EnviroSpark is poised to play a significant role in shaping the future of EV charging infrastructure in the United States, driving forward the transition to sustainable transportation solutions.


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