The E-Scooter That Never Quits: Gas Saves the Day When Battery Dies

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SYM PE 3 Electric scooter

Overcoming range anxiety with electric vehicles (EVs) can be tricky, especially when time is tight or charging infrastructure is scarce. What if the charging stations available don’t work?

Taiwanese motorcycle manufacturer SYM may have a solution: their PE 3 hybrid scooter. This concept integrates an internal combustion engine alongside batteries to potentially offer an “unlimited range” for electric two-wheelers.

The PE 3 utilizes a unique reverse hybrid technology. Primarily, it relies on an electric motor for propulsion. However, when the battery voltage dips below 60 volts, the internal combustion engine kicks in, not to power the wheels directly but to charge the battery and provide extra juice to the electric motor. This setup mirrors the BMW i3’s approach, with no physical connection between the gas engine and the drivetrain.

米蘭車展/三陽發表3新車!新DRG&跨界黃牌、PE3電動增程車問世| ETtoday車雲| ETtoday新聞雲
SYM’s PE 3 Electric Scooter

SYM claims that the electric motor alone can provide around 35 kilometers (22 miles) of range, making it ideal for urban environments. When the gas engine assists, it boasts an impressive fuel economy of 90 kilometers per liter (211 miles per gallon) with its three-liter tank, offering considerable mileage.

Designed with college kids, commuters, and young professionals in mind, the PE 3 sports a clean and futuristic design reminiscent of Apple and Xiaomi products. It’s packed with tech and features boxy bodywork, catering to those seeking hassle-free and cost-effective personal mobility solutions.

Despite still being in the conceptual phase, SYM has yet to disclose pricing for PE 3. However, given their expertise in the scooter realm, it’s likely they can bring this concept to life at a price point appealing to both enthusiasts and budget-conscious commuters.


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