Future of Driving? Tesla Tests Car That Sees Without Mirrors

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Tesla supercar

Could this be Tesla’s first try at a self-driving taxi? People spotted a changed-up Model 3, with cameras in different spots than usual, driving on a freeway in Palo Alto, California. It had Texas manufacturer plates. We’re not sure exactly what it’s for, but its different features suggest Tesla might be up to something new.

One notable change is the absence of side mirrors. Instead, the side repeater cameras protrude more than usual, possibly indicating Tesla is developing digital mirrors. These mirrors replace traditional ones with cameras, displaying the feed on screens inside the car. Other manufacturers like Honda, Lexus, and Audi have already adopted this technology.

Typically, cars with digital mirrors have screens inside near the base of the A-pillar to mimic the traditional mirror placement. However, photos of the Model 3 mule posted on X by Nic Cruz Patane didn’t show any screens in these locations.

A Tesla with rear-view mirrors

Furthermore, the rear-facing cameras on the mule are not in their usual spots. The side repeater cameras are placed wider apart, and the B-pillar cameras have been moved inside the car, peering out through the rear windows.

Even the camera on the trunk lid has been repositioned slightly higher. While it’s unclear what impact this higher placement has on the camera feed, it’s evident Tesla engineers had a reason for making these adjustments.

Elon Musk mentioned in a September 2023 tweet that future Teslas would eliminate all traditional rear-view mirrors, including the interior one. This mule might be our first look at Tesla testing a digital mirror system before it appears in a production car, although it still seems to have the central rear-view mirror inside the vehicle.

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