Spotify’s Car Thing: A Failed Venture Met with Unexpected Scalper Demand

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Spotify's Car Thing
Spotify's Car Thing

Introducing Car Thing, Spotify’s innovative solution to bridge the gap for users seeking access to its platform while on the road. Car Thing emerges as a dedicated device, tailored to offer Spotify’s seamless experience to vehicles that lack conventional app accessibility. With a user interface mirroring the familiar layout of the mobile app found on Android Auto and CarPlay, this compact gadget prioritizes intuitive controls.

Its design caters specifically to owners of older vehicles, presenting a budget-friendly alternative to investing in pricier aftermarket head units. Positioned at half the cost of typical Android Auto and CarPlay receivers, Car Thing emerges as the go-to choice for budget-conscious consumers aiming for uninterrupted access to Spotify’s extensive music library.

Despite Spotify’s optimism, Car Thing failed to resonate with consumers due to its single-app functionality. Many users preferred the versatility and enhanced features offered by Android Auto and CarPlay, even at a higher price point.

Spotify's Car Thing
Spotify’s Car Thing (Spotify)

As a result, Spotify discontinued Car Thing, leaving customers without recourse for refunds. While some users received a token gesture in the form of a free month of premium service, many expressed disappointment with Spotify’s handling of the situation.

Interestingly, despite its demise, Car Thing has garnered unexpected interest from online scalpers, fetching exorbitant prices well above its original retail value. This phenomenon underscores the unpredictability of consumer behavior and the allure of discontinued or rare products in secondary markets.

While Spotify’s foray into hardware may have faltered, it highlights the evolving worlds of in-car entertainment and the challenges of competing with established platforms. Moving forward, Spotify may need to reevaluate its approach to hardware ventures and focus on delivering value-added services to its users.

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