AI-BMS-on-Chip: Enhancing EV Battery Performance and Safety

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A revolution in battery technology is here with the AI-BMS-on-chip from Eatron Technologies and Syntiant.

This innovative system packs a powerful punch, squeezing up to 10% more capacity from batteries and extending their lifespan by an impressive 25%—the secret lies in the intelligent marriage of Eatron’s software and Syntiant’s NDP120 processor.

This on-device AI analyzes battery data in real time, optimizing performance and ensuring safety.

AI-BMS-on-Chip (Eatron Technologies and Syntiant)

Unlike cloud-based systems reliant on internet connections, the AI-BMS-on-chip makes its decisions right there on the device, eliminating delays and potential issues.

A new technology is making waves in the battery management world: the AI-BMS-on-chip. This innovative system integrates artificial intelligence with traditional battery management, offering a localized approach that prioritizes data privacy and security.

Designed for a diverse range of applications, from everyday consumer electronics to powerful commercial vehicles, the AI-BMS-on-chip promises to revolutionize battery life, safety, and performance.


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