Designer of Koenigsegg Gemera Develops Custom Aftermarket Wheels for Entire Tesla Range

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Designer of Koenigsegg Gemera Develops Custom Aftermarket Wheels for Entire Tesla Range

Unplugged Performance recently introduced the UP-05, an impressive range of aftermarket wheels tailored for Tesla’s full lineup, including the Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y.

This project emerged from a collaboration between Unplugged Performance and Sasha Selipanov, renowned as Koenigsegg’s former head of design, notably acclaimed for his contributions to the Gemera hyper GT’s captivating exterior and interior aesthetics.

Selipanov’s illustrious career path also includes pivotal design roles at Bugatti and Genesis, where he left his mark on projects like the CC850.

Under his company, Hardline27, Selipanov initially teamed up with Unplugged Performance for the Cybertruck, pioneering the creation of aftermarket wheels well before the vehicle’s highly anticipated debut last year.

Bringing Hypercar Essence to Teslas

Unplugged Performance emphasizes that the UP-05 is crafted to imbue Teslas with the essence of hypercars, drawing inspiration from Selipanov’s distinguished portfolio.

Constructed from 6061-T6 forged aluminum, the Y-spoked UP-05 wheels weigh a mere 19 pounds, designed to seamlessly integrate with OEM Tesla center caps, lug nuts, and TPMS sensors, ensuring straightforward installation.

Ben Schaffer, CEO of Unplugged Performance, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “The UP-05 is a design masterpiece, and we’re delighted to bring Sasha Selipanov’s iconic design prowess to Tesla drivers worldwide.

These wheels perfectly blend hypercar design DNA with UP’s renowned performance and durability inherent in all UP forged wheels.”

Designer of Koenigsegg Gemera Develops Custom Aftermarket Wheels for Entire Tesla Range

Stringent Testing and Performance Assurance

Unplugged Performance underscores that the UP-05 has undergone rigorous testing to guarantee optimal rigidity and performance for both track and everyday driving. The wheels feature knurled wheel beads within the barrel, enhancing traction and minimizing tire slippage during aggressive acceleration maneuvers.

Sizes, Customization, and Pricing

Unplugged Performance offers a range of UP-05 sizes, spanning from 18 to 22 inches, catering to diverse preferences and driving styles among Tesla owners. The wheels are available in four distinct colors: Satin Titanium, Satin Black, Gloss Black, and Satin Bronze, with customization options for those seeking a more personalized touch.

A set of four UP-05 wheels commences at $3,595, with the highest-priced variant, a 22-inch set with a bespoke finish for the Model X, priced at $6,595. Notably, the UP-05 is compatible with all model years of the Model X, Model Y, and Model 3, including the refreshed model. However, they are exclusively compatible with 2021 and newer iterations of the Model S Plaid and Model S Long Range.

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