Tesla Cybertruck Owner Alleges Blacklisting After Attempted $242,069 Flip

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The Tesla Cybertruck, with its combination of high cost, rarity, and purported bulletproof qualities, presents a tantalizing opportunity for owners to capitalize on its resale value.

Understandably, the allure of turning a substantial profit on such an asset is strong, especially if it means escaping online ridicule for owning one. However, a recent incident reported by a user on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum suggests that attempting to sell the Cybertruck could have severe consequences.

According to the forum user “malinecentral,” they listed their Cybertruck for sale across various online platforms, pricing it at a staggering $242,069 simply for amusement. However, including the vehicle identification number in the listings proved to be a costly mistake.

Tesla’s Loss Prevention team swiftly identified the user and not only canceled their two other Cybertruck reservations but also blacklisted them from making any further reservations. While Tesla did refund the canceled reservations, they made it clear that any future attempts to reserve a vehicle would not be accommodated.

The extent of the blacklist remains uncertain, raising questions about whether it applies solely to Cybertrucks or extends to all Tesla models. Nevertheless, Tesla has assured us that servicing the users’ existing vehicles will still be provided.

While Tesla’s actions may appear stringent, they underscore the automaker’s stance against flipping vehicles for profit. Despite criticisms directed at Tesla in the past, this proactive approach to deter flippers garners support.

Owning a limited-production vehicle for personal enjoyment is one thing, but exploiting its scarcity solely for financial gain is met with little sympathy.

Some may argue that blacklisting a customer before any sale occurs seems severe. However, the user was aware of Tesla’s likely disapproval of their sales listing.

Moreover, Tesla faces ongoing challenges in curbing Cybertruck flipping activities, making decisive measures necessary to maintain control over the distribution and pricing of their vehicles.

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