Cybertruck Engineer Appeals to Owners: Cease Shooting and Mishandling Vehicles

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Elon Musk’s revelation of the Cybertruck in late 2019 stirred considerable excitement, with promises of exceptional toughness and being “literally bulletproof.”

As deliveries of the Cybertruck commenced in late 2023, owners enthusiastically put Musk’s claims to the test, subjecting their trucks to various forms of abuse. This prompted Tesla engineer Wes Morrill to issue a plea for restraint among Cybertruck owners.

Morrill’s call for caution comes amid numerous instances of extreme Cybertruck abuse surfacing online. These incidents include Zack Nelson from JerryRigEverything employing torches and firearms, including a .50 caliber weapon, to test the truck’s durability.

Tesla Owners in Silicon Valley conducted an experiment where they hurled a steel ball at the Cybertruck, reminiscent of its debut when Tesla’s design chief did the same during the revealing event.

Other instances include auto reporter Jason Cammisa and others using sledgehammers on the vehicle and YouTuber TechRax testing the Cybertruck’s “Wade Mode” by submerging it in water.

What’s particularly striking is the willingness of some Cybertruck owners to deliberately damage their expensive vehicles. For instance, Zack Nelson intends to keep the bullet holes on his truck as he finds them visually appealing, suggesting that some view the damage as a badge of honor.

This behavior raises intriguing questions about consumer trust and the influence of CEO claims on product durability. It underscores the extent to which consumers are willing to test such assertions by subjecting the product to rigorous testing, even at the risk of damage.

The phenomenon of Cybertruck abuse serves as a fascinating case study in consumer behavior and brand loyalty. It highlights the powerful influence of marketing and the role of social media in shaping consumer perceptions and actions.

As the Cybertruck continues to generate interest and controversy, it remains to be seen how Tesla will respond to these challenges and whether owners will heed Morrill’s plea for restraint.

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