Tesla Cybertruck Fix Gets the Green Light, Deliveries Back on Track

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Tesla Cybertruck Shines Amid Sales Slump

Tesla Cybertruck’s scary gas pedal issue has been fixed (well…somewhat) and approved  – Now the deliveries can resume too!

Here’s the deal. Most cars, including the Cybertruck, have a rubber and metal cover on the gas and brake pedals. It’s there for looks and to give your foot some grip. Normally, these things are on nice and tight, no problem.

But something went wrong at the Cybertruck factory. Apparently, they made a change to how they put the pedal covers on, and a bunch of them weren’t secure. This meant that during hard acceleration, the cover could slip off and get stuck under the footwell, causing the truck to zoom out of control – not exactly ideal!

Tesla’s Cybertruck deliveries paused for accelerator pedal cover issue (Credits: Drive Tesla)

Because of this safety hazard, Tesla had to stop delivering Cybertrucks this week. However, in a safety recall report, they’ve explained their plan to fix the problem. Basically, they’re going to replace or repair the gas pedal assembly for free, making sure the cover stays put nice and tight. So, while the fix might not be the most elegant (think of it like a patch on your jeans!), it’ll get the job done and get those Cybertrucks back on the road.

According to Tesla’s instructions, technicians are supposed to use a special tool to make sure the hole is drilled in exactly the right spot. However, some photos online show technicians just eyeballing it. Not ideal, but at least they’re getting the job done quickly to address the safety issue.

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Cybertruck (Credits: tesla)

While this fix might seem a little bit, well, janky, it’s important to remember that the priority is safety. Getting a temporary or permanent solution in place quickly is better than waiting for a more polished fix. The big question remains: is this a temporary patch or a permanent solution? Only Tesla knows for sure at this point.

Now, for a truck that can cost over $100,000, let’s just say some folks aren’t exactly thrilled with the idea of a permanent rivet holding their gas pedal cover on. A cleaner solution seems fair to expect. Tesla might be working on something more elegant, but for now, the rivet reigns supreme.

This whole situation has become a bit of a joke online. Cybertruck fans (and critics alike) are having a field day on social media and forums like the Cybertruck subreddit and Cybertruck Owners Forum. Hey, at least they’re keeping things lighthearted while they wait for a more polished solution (or not, depending on Tesla’s final decision).


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