Cybertruck Hauls a Self-Driving RV! Your Camping Trip Just Got Futuristic

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Tesla Cybertruck With RV Concept Art (Credits: Robb Report)

Ever dreamed of a camping trip in a Tesla? Well, YouTuber Everyday Chris is living the dream. He recently got a Tesla Cybertruck and is using it to tow a super cool RV called the Pebble Flow.

This isn’t your ordinary RV. Built by former Tesla and Apple employees, the Pebble Flow is sleek and modern, just like the Cybertruck. It weighs around 6,200 lbs, but Chris says it’s surprisingly roomy inside – perfect for a home on wheels adventure.

The first electric RV of the cybertruck (Credits: InsideEVs)

The Pebble Flow is also eco-friendly. It has a solar panel roof to charge its batteries, and it can even be plugged into a charging station if needed. Plus, it has a special outlet that can actually charge your electric car while you’re parked!

One of the coolest features for Tesla owners is the RV’s dual motors. These motors help the Cybertruck tow the Pebble Flow more efficiently, meaning you can travel farther on a single charge. Everyday Chris can’t share the exact numbers yet, but he says the towing range is “amazing.” This combination of Tesla truck and futuristic RV takes camping to a whole new level!

The Pebble Flows Magic Hitch Can Align Itself (Credits: Everyday Chris/Youtube)

Imagine this – you can use an app to control the Pebble Flow like a giant remote control car. This makes hitching it up to your Cybertruck a breeze, especially if you’re not used to towing trailers. The trailer can even find your truck’s hitch and line itself up automatically! No more need for someone to guide you back and forth like an airplane marshal.

Reached your campsite? Just unhitch the Pebble Flow with the app, and it will automatically level itself out, even if the ground isn’t flat. Plus, it can lower special jacks and stairs for easy access.

One thing to consider is that some of the Pebble Flow’s coolest features rely on an app. This means if the app company goes out of business in the future, you might lose some functionality. Hopefully, that won’t happen! But it’s something to keep in mind for such a big investment.

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