Tesla Hikes Price of New Model 3 Performance

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Tesla Model 3 Performance (Credits: Mashable)

Just got your heart set on Tesla’s super-charged new Model 3 Performance. Hold on a sec! Tesla just announced a surprise price increase of $1,000 on this hot new car.

This souped-up Model 3 boasts some serious upgrades, including a faster acceleration (0-60 in 2.9 seconds!), improved handling, and a more powerful rear drive unit. It even got positive reviews from car experts!

Tesla Model 3 Performance hits 60 MPH (Credits: Motor1.com)

Here’s the twist: despite the price hike, the Model 3 Performance might still be a good deal if you qualify for the US federal EV tax credit. This credit can actually make the Performance model cheaper than the slightly less powerful Long-Range Model 3.

However, it’s important to consider leasing options too. Even with the tax credit, leasing the Performance model is more expensive per month than leasing the other trims.

To ease the sting of the price, increase a little, Tesla did reduce the cost of some color and interior options on the Model 3 Performance. So, you might be able to save a bit on customizing your car.


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