Cybertruck Owner Reports Injury from Door Edge

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Cybertruck Owner Reports Injury from Door Edge
Cybertruck (Credits: Tesla)

A Tesla owner said he got a cut on his leg that needed stitches after he got out of his Cybertruck on a slope.

“Be careful when closing your Cybertruck door!” the owner wrote in a post on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum. “I parked on a slope, got out of the truck, and as I was closing the door, I accidentally hit the corner of the door against my leg.”

The owner said the door’s corner wasn’t very sharp, but when he closed the door with force, it hit his leg and caused a cut. The post had a picture of the bloody cut and the corner of the door that hit his leg.

“When I got home, my wife said I needed stitches, so I got them,” the owner said.

Even though the owner still loves the Cybertruck, he admitted that the incident was his fault. Business Insider tried to contact the Cybertruck owner for more details about the incident but didn’t get a response before publishing. Tesla also didn’t respond when reached out to for comment.

In the owner’s manual, Tesla warns about closing the door and says to “be careful around the edges of the Cybertruck, including the doors, frunk, tailgate, and surrounding panels.”

Cybertruck Owner Reports Injury from Door Edge
Cybertruck (Credits: Tesla)

The warning also tells owners to always hold the door at the top when opening it and to keep hands and fingers away from the edge.

The manual says that not following the correct way to open the front and rear doors could cause an injury.

Another person who commented on the forum said they accidentally cut themselves too.

“This truck has some sharp edges. I cut my finger while washing the car,” the person said. “Of course, it wasn’t as bad as yours, but it still bled. I learned my lesson and will pay attention to the edges next time.”

Some other Cybertruck owners said they hurt their fingers on purpose by closing the front trunk to test its safety sensor. After a video went viral of a Tesla owner testing the front trunk sensor by closing it on their finger, other owners tried it and one ended up with a deep cut and a finger splint.


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